Genera and species of Paleocene mammals


List of genera and species

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(Note: I am currently reworking the format of the list to improve information on taxonomic history. Since this is done step by step, the format will be rather inhomogeneous in the meantime.)

Part 1: Monotremata, Dryolestida, Multituberculata, Marsupialia

Part 2: Leptictida, Apatotheria, Pantolesta, Lipotyphla, Chiroptera, Primates, Anagalida, Lagomorpha, Rodentia

Part 3: Condylarthra, Mesonychia

Part 4: Litopterna, Notoungulata, Astrapotheria, Xenungulata, Dinocerata, Pantodonta, Tillodontia, Taeniodonta, Arctostylopida, Embrithopoda, Creodonta, Carnivora, Xenarthra, Pholidota, Placentalia inc. sed.

Localities referred to in the list

Last update on March 9th, 2008


Some explanations are required about the concept of the Paleocene used for this list. Species from the problematic "Bugcreekian" localities at the K/T boundary in North America are included, but they are marked as possibly reworked if they are otherwise only known from the Cretaceous. Concerning the Paleocene/Eocene boundary, I followed a rather conservative approach. The compilation includes faunas up to the Clarkforkian in North America, up to the Cernaysian in Europe and up to the Gashatan in Asia.

The taxonomy used in the compilation is based on my personal judgement of published opinions, but usually I followed the most recent publications. Some debated cases were "solved" by introducing a questionable synonymy. Concerning the classification, I tried to find a stable framework that fits to current views, without putting emphasis on cladistic principles. The arrangement of placental orders follows mainly practical reasons and does not necessarily express higher level relationships.

Please contact me if you notice errors or omissions.

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